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The purpose of these General Conditions is to provide all the conditions of access and use of the Site accessible under the address
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(hereinafter "IBERIMO" or the "Editor"), property of SAS CALL HYBRID with a capital of 50,000 euros registered in the Saint-Etienne Trade and Companies Register under the number 484 797 659, having its registered office at 12 Fontclauze 42240 CALOIRE (France).

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The access to our website under the link involves the awareness of these terms under the last online version.
All persons are interviewed thanks to these terms as natural person or legal entity who access our website through your internet connection.

1. Website description 

1) The publisher offers on the website all types of rental properties in Spain, but also in other territory, you can find the list on the website homepage. The publisher explains thematically each accommodation and its features, its availability and the price, he also gives information about the geographical area whish the accommodation is located.
2) If the booking of the stay is charged and submitted to the acceptation of the general conditions of booking, the access to our website, has all descriptions of each accommodation which are all frees. The publisher is free in the selection and the organization of information about the accommodation offered, as well as the functionality and the accessible services on the website.
3) He can publish and suppress at any time all or part of this information and the accommodations offered for booking, he can also change and suspend temporarily or for good all or part of functionalities and services offered in the website.
4) For any question about the website and the publisher activities, the visitors are invited to contact IBERIMO al the contact details which appear in these terms.


1) The access to our website is controlled constantly, but in case of force majeure or events out of control, and subject to the present breakdowns and technical interventions, maintenance, and the update of our website, each event can exercise an interruption of our website.
2) Otherwise, thanks to the internet connection, IBERIMO cannot handle a functioning of the website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


1) The publisher shares in the website, only reliable and qualitive information about the properties and tourist information about geographical areas where the properties are located.
2) IBERIMO is not forced to a performance obligation; it doesn’t give any guarantee accessible information in the website.
3) IBERIMO is not responsible for direct or indirect damage incurred by users in connection with the website and in connection with the use of the website.
4) IBERIMO doesn’t exercise any surveillance in the websites linked to our website via hyperlinks and decline any contents posted on it.


1) All information, texts, questionnaires, graphics, logos, icons, pictures, audio or video clips, brands, software, features which appear on our website, are protected by copyright laws and treaties. All such rights are reserved.
2) The user has to use with loyal and honest way the accessible information on the website, and he is not entitled to market it to others. Thanks to his civil liability and criminal liability, the user is not entitled to copy, sum up, modify and repeat the contents without the publisher express permission according to article 4.
3) The whole website, and all pages dedicated to each properties offered to the reservation on the website, which include all contents and their modalities of consultation, and establish base data of the website. These base data are reserved by IBERIMO , and are protected by copyright laws and treaties (law of July 1st 1998 about base data protection). In this case the user has not to copy, translate, modify, represent and give out the contents of these base data.
The use of software or robots which take information from the website can be prohibited in these conditions.


1) In accordance with the provision of the law 78-17 of January 6th 1978 which is related to informatics, files, liberties, and to CNIL decision of July 10th 2006 should delete the reporting declaration of the website in favour of website statement of treatment preference, IBERIMO declared next to the CNIL its file clients/prospects.

2) The users have thanks to the law of January 6th 1978, an access right to information which affects them, and also the right to change, rectify or delete the information.

For reaching this right, you have to send by post or email to the contact details which appear in these conditions, you can also send a request via the contact form.

3) The users personal data, received for the forms, and all future information, can be addressed only to the publisher, within the framework of the application of services offered to the users on the website, these personal data are not communicated to others and can reach only persons who can deal with the website, these persons have to respect information privacy of the users and use these data only when they need them.

4) To allow the use of the website, the user is informed that a cookie (a small amount of data) is placed in the browser of its computer.

Cookies don’t contain any personal data; allow the users to be recognized across the pages of a website.
Cookies are also used to establish statistics about visits and modalities of navigation on the website, and also to:

- Estimate how much users visit the website, all persons who access to the website a cookie will be placed in the browser of his computer to determine the functioning of the website, and it can also help the server to target its advertising according to the method use and the behavior of the users;

- Estimate the number of users on the website.
This cookie can be stored 12 months in the computer, at its expiry, and if the visitor connects again on the website, a new cookie will be placed on his computer.

The visitor has the possibility to displace cookies or destroy them, but if it happens it will be difficult or impossible the use of the website.

For Mozilla Firefox:
1. Choose in the menu bar ‘toolbar’ then ‘options’
2. Click on the icon ‘private life’
3. Select ‘cookie’ then the options which suits

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Choose the menu bar ‘toolbar’ then ‘options internet’
2. Click on ‘privacy’
3. Select the level
However the use of the website in this case would be impossible.

5) The users personal data will be used to reinforce and personalize communication , by newsletter about which they will be subscribed.
6) The publisher stores personal data of visitors on their own server and commit to keep strictly privacy and personal data received.


1. For any question you can contact the publisher

2. These conditions include the publisher and the user’s obligation

The publisher can change these terms.
The new clauses will rule all relationships between the parties, and only the new version will be admissible,
3. Supposing that one of the provision of the conditions would be considered as invalid, in virtue of a legal or regulatory disposition, present or future, or a justice decision signed by the authority and which emanate from a competent jurisdiction or body , this contract disposition would be considered as no written, all others dispositions of this contract by keeping binding force between parties.
4. These conditions are ruled by French law for the substantive rule and the technical rules.
All disagreement from execution or interpretation of dispositions of these conditions make parties to get closer and try to find an amicable situation to their litigation, before having recourse to the competent court.